Message from the Chair

Message from the Chair of the RTA School of Media

Charles Falzon, RTA Chair

Charles Falzon, RTA Chair

RTA is indeed proud to be Canada’s most established and recognized school of media production and broadcasting.  But RTA is more than a university program. It is an environment, a mindset, and a network of like-minded talent.  For over 60 years we have been offering a broad education in the field, ensuring a perfect mix.  This includes the best production courses available together with media contextual courses, including theory and business,  as well as general liberal studies.

In our highly creative environment, our students are encouraged not only to explore their creative potential, but also to find within themselves who they can become as persons. Our school builds a character that is confident and ambitious, yet balanced, with a commitment to hard work, academic rigour, and a respect for group dynamic.

RTA has always responded to the current needs of the industry and its students while being proactive in the future of media.  Today, as the media landscape yet again undergoes dramatic change, our exceptional faculty is at the vanguard of Canada’s media exploration and leadership.  Our school focuses heavily on innovation relating to the development of content, application of  technology, media theory and  new business models.

Our passion for education and the field, combined with our global network of partnerships, will undoubtedly ensure that  the RTA School of Media at Ryerson University will remain Canada’s leading name in media education for many years to come.