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Alumni Association Team


RTA's professors bring an incredible wealth of knowledge, creativity, and experience to our students. Professors and part-time instructors have varied backgrounds, including as producers, engineers, artists, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and researchers.

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  • Marion Coomey
  • HenryWarwick
  • Charles Zamaria
  • David Tucker
  • Steven Ehrlick
  • Ali Mazalek

Producers in Residence

RTA is thrilled by the appointments of these internationally recognized leaders from the film and television industry as Distinguished Visiting Producers in Residence. These individuals provide counsel and insight to the work of students and faculty in RTA, lead Master's workshop lectures, participate in panel discussions, and provide general guidance to the School. They also have the opportunity to participate in their own research or provide advice on existing RTA projects and evolving initiatives.

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  • lance_weiler
  • Linda Schuyler

Program Advisory Council

The Program Advisory Council is comprised of professionals and academics with a wealth of experience and knowledge. Their input about RTA and its future provides valuable guidance.

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  • JaySwitzer
  • Madeline Ziniak_small
  • NancyChapelle
  • Keith Pelley
  • jocelyn_hamilton
  • Christine_Shipton_small

Sport Media Program Advisory Council


RTA relies on the expertise of its staff to keep everything running smoothly.

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  • KevinKonarzewski
  • JoannaLau
  • BrianWithers
  • Shaun Axani
  • RyanSykes
  • Zach Cox

Visiting Scholars

RTA's Distinguished Visiting Scholars

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  • Grant_Buchanan


Inductees to the RTA Wall of Fame

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  • Drummond_Dwight-08-Best