RTA Programs


RTA School of Media’s four year BA program is a unique mix of practice and theory.  Students gain hands-on production skills in audio, television and digital media and a keen understanding of storytelling. This is supported by in-depth courses in business, screenwriting and critical theory. To round out their education, students take electives in other Ryerson departments.

Fourth year is the culmination of the BA program. Students complete a major production or research paper applying all they have learned.  Most students also take on a full time internship in the media industry.

RTA BA alumni are highly successful in all areas of media. They work as writers, producers and directors, broadcast executives, entertainment lawyers, on air journalists and personalities, new media entrepreneurs, and in marketing and advertising. Many run their own businesses. Many pursue post-graduate studies and academic careers.

Visit youtube.com/rtashowcase to see past works.


In the RTA School of Media’s fine arts program, students learn to create at the intersection of art, communication technology, critical theory and science, while participating in reshaping or inventing new media practices for the 21st century.

Our students study new media as a contemporary global art practice and a gateway to social change, interactivity as a mode of communication and/or expression. They learn hands-on production skills in a variety of media such as computer programming, electronics, interactive storytelling and experience design, mobile media, virtual and/or physical worlds.

Equally vital, they study and apply critical media theory as a means to understand the impact of their art practice.

Our graduates are well prepared for the future. They are flexible and adaptable media professionals, thinking artists and creative thinkers. Highly sought after, they bring creative problem-solving abilities to multi-platform projects in many industries. Also, our emphasis on critical theory prepares students for a variety of graduate programs.

Visit vimeo.com/ryersonnewmedia to see past works.


The Master of Arts (MA) program in Media Production will assist media creators in producing the ‘next generation’ media products, and help develop media leaders who are capable of meeting the challenges presented as interactive technologies transform media markets, media management, professional fields and academic disciplines.

This program focuses on the creation and analysis of media products with emphasis on the aesthetics, technology and financing structures that underpin excellent media.

Students explore the economic, creative and cultural structures that influence how media is produced and reaches its market. This program challenges students to explore traditional and innovative media forms, outlets and technologies in order to tell compelling stories and reach diverse audiences.